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Howdy, man.

#Manning is created by two male advertising creatives, as a parody project to the fantastic #Mamming campaign. It wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful guys at Movember, SNOH and all our friends who Man’d up.

To contact us email hello@thisismanning.com


What is #manning?

#Manning is the act of cupping your hand onto a pair of (clothed) balls. A friend's. A colleague's. Maybe even a Michael Jackson-esque selfie?

#Manning is a chance for all of us to show awareness of testicular cancer to the millions of men who should be regularly checking their balls. Men are most at risk between the ages of 15 and 35 and doctors recommend that they should be checking their balls monthly. All the procedure involves is for a man to carefully feel their balls after a hot shower to check for any abnormalities.

It’s awkward. But it can save lives.

So let’s all remove the awkwardness of checking our balls and inspire more men to start #Manning.


How can I help?

Here are few ways you can get involved:

Option A: Man Up. Instagram a picture of yourself cupping your hand onto a pair of (clothed) balls and hashtag it! #Manning. After that, don’t just sit back and watch the ‘likes’ roll in. Tell your curious friends what #Manning is about.

Option B: Be a good wingman and talk to the important men in your life about regular checks.

Option C: For more information or to show your support, check out the following worthy organisations: